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Weerts Group has launched a non-profit organization aimed at digital inclusion of children living in vulnerable families in Belgium. The non-profit organization was set up in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation/ Koning Boudewijnstichting.

The objective is to make as many functional laptops as possible available to the target group, i.e. children between 8 and 14 years old living in a vulnerable socioeconomic environment with limited to no access to digital devices leading to exclusion and learning delays. In 2021, we distributed 800 new laptops to participants in the program. For 2021, we have increased the volume to 1,000 laptops.

The laptops are equipped with the essential software, and additionally Proximus will offer free Wi-Fi connection for eligible families. WPC is exploring collaborations with other organisations to give as much volume as possible to its initiative.


Weerts Group currently has an installed base of renewable power installations with an estimated annual production of more than 25,000 MWh, the equivalent of the yearly electricity consumption of 8,300 households and an emissions reduction of approx. 11,500,000 kilograms of CO2.

Our goal is to reach 50,000 MWh in annual production by the end of 2023.

Our current installed base already exceeds our own needs and thus contributes to reducing our environmental footprint. In addition, we are pursuing an active strategy to increase renewable energy production and find innovative ways to commercialize the distribution of renewable energy beyond the needs of our own operations


In our Real Estate Division, we pay particular attention to using the latest and environmentally sustainable building techniques. Unirii View, our office tower project in Bucharest, was the first office building in Romania in May 2019 to complete the BREEAM certification procedure. It is holding now the BREEAM Certificate – Excellent level under the BREEAM 2016 version regulations, which is the strictest set of rules for new constructions.

The existing logistics portfolio is currently undergoing a full BREEAM assessment and we are committed to achieve the BREEAM Very Good standard. For all new buildings, we aim for BREEAM Very Good or higher (or the equivalent local standard, for example LEED in Italy).


Different initiatives will help us on our journey to become the most sustainable company we can be. Such as aiming for a paperless office policy throughout the entire Weerts Group, for example.

Furthermore, we recently made the decision to phase out all combustion engine cars and build a full electric car fleet. Every new car lease will be for an electric vehicle.

Of course, to facilitate the shift towards an EV-fleet, we have begun to invest in and install on-premises EV-charging stations.

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