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Seamless, streamlined and sustainable success

The family-owned Weerts Group enjoys uniquely inherent advantages. Didier Weerts, CEO of Weerts Supply Chain, and Christophe Weerts, Vice President of Business Development at Weerts Logistics Parks, discuss their divisions’ agility, flexibility, accessibility, and continual investment in the future

Adjacent to the River Meuse in Belgium is the city of Liège, the economic capital of the Wallonia region and the headquarters of Weerts Supply Chain (WSC). One of four different yet complementary business fields of the family-owned Weerts Group, WSC is included in the company’s portfolio alongside motorsport, logistics real estate, and energy.

WSC Building

As the successor of Transports Weerts & Fils, founded in 1918, WSC grew into one of Belgium’s leading national road transport companies over four generations. In 1989, the
company diversified its services by adding contract logistics and began to gain experience in the construction of logistics real estate, which eventually became its focus.
Since then, Weerts Group has been successful in expanding its divisions, with the addition of Weerts Energy in 2022.

This new venture has implemented a comprehensive energy strategy across the group’s entire portfolio, specialising in financing and customised renewable solutions for its properties, actively contributing to the net zero transition. Currently, Weerts Group – more specifically Weerts Logistics Parks (WLP) - operates in multiple European
countries, including the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Hungary, Romania, and Belgium.

The company is divided into four robust units, each with a different focus, yet they all share the same values of innovation, sustainability, and excellence.