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At WSC we believe in innovation, thinking ahead and offering comprehensive solutions. Through professional know-how, expertise, experience and above all enthusiasm for every component of the logistics and distribution chain, we raise ourselves and our customers to the next level.

Every customer must be a satisfied customer, it's as simple as that.


Warehousing is a very wide concept for which we find solutions tailor made to the specific needs of each customer: from storage under ideal circumstances to picking & packing to optimise your goods flow, with in between a very wide range of build & operate options.



In the 1960s, transport formed the basis of WSC. We have been engaged in transport for so long that it has naturally become part of our end-to-end approach, maintaining the same high standard and level of performance which we also aim for in the rest of the logistics chain.


Value-added logistics

Our value-added logistics stand out not only because of the constant attention we pay to it but also, and especially, by the way in which we implement it. For logistics, WSC enters into a partnership with customers. We mobilise all our experience, expertise, know-how and skills to take the weight off your shoulders.


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