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Our high-tech storage facilities ensure that goods are handled and stored under perfect conditions. Through the use of properly trained staff, state-of-the-art technology (e.g. Google glasses) and our own Warehouse Management System, we are able to meet almost any demand.

To date, WSC has attained, managed and/or operated 500 000 m² storage. We consequently have the ideal facilities to offer services in a very wide range of sectors, including automotive, E-commerce, food and electronics.

Cross-docking, storage at controlled temperatures (-20, 4 and 16°C or room temperature), variations in height, capacity and various locations: WSC is in a position to offer many options right from the first meeting with the customer and is always prepared to make further investment in a partnership.


Build & Operate

WSC possesses expertise in industrial real estate, both on-site or from a multi-customer standpoint. When we maintain that we follow our customers, we mean what we say: we accompany the customer to the most appropriate location where we proceed to work out the ideal solution. Literally.

Our build & operate department has all the resources necessary to start from scratch or from an ambitious idea. This we translate into design and engineering and we coordinate the whole process up to and including finishing. But that is not the end of our involvement as WSC has the experience and know-how to also deploy fully operational personnel for any warehouse where required.

Moreover, between the blank page from which we start and the last sentence of the plan there are hundreds of variants, each of which we can work out with you and translate into practice. Build & operate. Tailor-made to your needs.


Picking & Packing

Your reputation stands or falls with the speed and efficiency of your goods flow. WSC improves and optimises it so that your customer's orders are put ready, packaged and dispatched swiftly, accurately and under perfect circumstances. We guarantee picking & packing at the highest level and fully geared to your goods flow.

With this in mind, WSC constantly invests in technology and staff. Through our own Warehouse Management System, full traceability and our trained, motivated and enthusiastic staff, we make sure the job is done. You focus on your core business and we do the rest.

  • Paperless handling and picking
  • Email or EDI and digital ordering
  • Real-time stock management
  • Full traceability



In the 1960s, transport formed the basis of WSC. We have been engaged in transport for so long that it has naturally become part of our end-to-end approach, maintaining the same high standard and level of performance which we also aim for in the rest of the logistics chain.

Admittedly, back in 2008 we briefly thought that transport services could be entrusted to reliable partners. In the meantime, we ourselves focused on industrial real estate and race logistics and we optimised the rest of the goods flow. However, WSC is a company that is constantly evolving and we have found that investing ourselves in every logistics component gives us more flexibility, control and traceability.

For WSC, end-to-end solutions are a genuine commitment. Today we again have our own fleet providing transport services. Whether across water, by train or truck, we take your goods whenever and wherever they have to be delivered. Nationally or internationally, B2B and B2C. Within your production chain or to the end customer.

Value-added logistics


Our value-added logistics stand out not only because of the constant attention we pay to it but also, and especially, by the way in which we implement it. For logistics, WSC enters into a partnership with customers. We mobilise all our experience, expertise, know-how and skills to take the weight off your shoulders.

Some of our value-added logistics services are described below. It is important to note that we present and provide our services customised to your needs.

Every customer is different and therefore all of WSC's value-added logistics also differ, tailor-made.

Value-added logistics


WSC has the know-how, experience, capacity and equipment to carry out any co-packing activity for you. We transform your products until they are ready for the shops.

Repackaging, labelling, wrapping, composing multi-packs, displays, etc. Your wish is our command. At the right time. It enables you to make to order. Not production based on expected demand but ready-made, immediately applicable packaging solutions tailored to the order.

Value-added logistics


In a globalised economy, customs formalities form part of the logistics chain. As WSC is committed to providing end-to-end solutions, we also take over responsibility for these formalities.

Value-added logistics


We process your products in accordance with your wishes, ready for the shops. Alternatively, we transform raw materials and production materials at B2B level.

WSC has the capacity, equipment and expertise to take up any packaging challenge. By providing tailor-made formulas, we make things a great deal easier for you, your partners and your customers.

Value-added logistics

Crossdock & Transloading

WSC receives, sorts, checks and dispatches your goods. As an intermediate station (crossdock and/or transloading) in the logistics chain, we look on your behalf after the arrival of containers, temporary goods storage where required, conversion to tradeable volumes, and distribution. We take care of repackaging, labelling, checking, stock control and transport.

Value-added logistics

Quality Control

WSC ensures constant and overall quality control. We look after your products and deploy all our experience to the task. We meet the quality requirements in every sector thanks to our trained staff and reliable traceability, paying attention to the smallest detail and striving for perfection throughout.

At WSC we consider quality control our mission. Naturally, we can submit the requisite certificates and labels to prove this:

  • ISO 22000
  • TUV/Integra for organic products
  • SAC
  • AEO
  • WSC is the only firm in Belgium licenced to dispatch dairy products to China

Value-added logistics


Through our own Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS), we provide an utterly reliable track & trace record, in accordance with your preferences (batch ID, expiry date, SSCC, etc.).

Whether nationally or internationally, during warehousing, transport or our value-added logistics, we closely monitor your products and enable you to do the same in real time. It amounts to unequalled traceability.

Value-added logistics

Business Operations Support & Technology

Warehousing, transport and value-added logistics have traditionally been areas for doers. WSC adds a component to this and thinks along with you. It translates into a philosophy and entrepreneurship that is up to date. In tune with the times. Innovative. Progressive. Enthusiastic.

WSC invests proactively in technological progress. Continuous improvement is a mission. Not because it looks good but because we can optimally put it in the service of our customers. This consistent approach means that we are an ever-searching partner able to offer high-performance solutions. Specifically, it ranges from a low-paper environment, via the daily use of Google glasses to clear communication and live data exchange.

Our own Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS) ensure high-level transparency and traceability and give customers the possibility to closely monitor their products digitally in real time.

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