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About WSC


WSC (Weerts Supply Chain) is not a specialist. A specialist manages one domain. WSC manages each and every link in the logistics chain, from start to finish. Transparent and accessible.

The basis on which we work is an integrated and comprehensive approach always starting from your specific wishes and expectations. We deliver a great variety of products to the right place at the right time. To this, WSC adds state-of-the-art technology, highly trained staff, meticulously managed warehousing and value-added logistics. Geared to each product.

About WSC

WSC Values & Vision

We have maintained flat and flexible organisational structures for four generations. The speed and versatility with which we can work link WSC to entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and tenacity. We combine this with a passion for technology and innovation.

Initiative and a can-do attitude lead to perseverance and seizing opportunities. You see a problem, we come up with the solution. Every day we strive for improvement positively and enthusiastically.

WSC's five core values:

About WSC


WSC has its origins in Liège where we were engaged in the transport sector in the 1960s. From there, we evolved into a logistically much broader enterprise with a strong focus on technological innovation and an end-to-end approach.

Today, WSC operates in the Benelux and eastern Europe where we work out tailor-made solutions for demanding customers.

  • 1960

    Weerts established as a national and international transport firm in Liège.

  • 1980 – 2000

    Over the years, the full logistics chain gained importance, and a real estate component was added. Weerts became the Weerts Group. Same structure, more clout.

  • 2008

    Weerts Group resolutely opted for end-to-end logistics (Weerts Supply Chain), real estate and W-Racing Team (WRT).

  • 2008 – 2014

    The result was the development of logistics, real estate and warehouses in Belgium but also in eastern Europe. Today WSC accounts for 500 000 m².

  • 2014

    WSC decided to move up a gear in developing its logistics services. It soon led to collaboration with major partners such as Audi Brussels where WSC manages the whole range of internal logistics with a team of over 300 people.

  • 2018 - ...

    This year we have taken back responsibility for transport. This enables us to pursue the same innovation and efficiency throughout the logistics chain.

About WSC

Weerts Group

WSC forms part of the Weerts Group which in addition to end-to-end-logistics also comprises real estate and a racing team. These seemingly divergent activities are in fact mutually complementary and reinforce each other. They enable us to create for you a complete, integrated logistics chain. Flawless and high-level, from transport to a build & operate proposal tailored to your needs.

We cannot put it any more simply: we do what is necessary. Where it is necessary. In the way it is necessary. You focus on your core business, we do the rest.

About WSC


WSC is a fast-growing concern. The strategic decision to strongly invest in the logistics department and to continue to do so enables us to always go the extra mile, within a positive corporate culture where our over 500 well-trained members of staff feel involved and feel at home. They receive, handle, package, transport and look after your products. WSC looks after them.

Your products are kept in a meticulously maintained warehouse. Together with the technological resources at our disposal, it provides our staff with a pleasant working environment. IPad, IPod, wireless scanners, Google glasses and little paperwork make their work transparent, traceable and easier. If our employees appear on the work floor positively and without stress, they will deal with your products in the same way.

WSC looks after them. They look after your products.

About WSC


WSC believes in progress. In innovation. In technology. Also when it comes to 'people and the environment'. Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship are a condition today.

To pride oneself on a good employee policy within working hours is just as much to mean that people feel comfortable and healthy outside of it. This is expressed in countless ways within WSC.



  • The use of electric trucks at Audi Vorst
  • LED lighting in all our new buildings
  • Specific, targeted, last-generation insulation
  • Solar panels on our roofs
  • Light sensors in offices and warehouses
  • Technological and 'smart' fire detection with sprinklers
  • A far-reaching and general striving for a paper-free working environment

About WSC

Corporate responsibility & charity

WSC strongly believes in Responsibility. We drive this value in transport, warehousing and added value logistics but also beyond !

We believe that diversity and a multi-culturral team are an asset in an international business environment. A diversity of backgrounds translate into new ideas en surprising perspectives. Hence WSC does everything in its power turn its multicultural workforce into a winning asset.

WSC does not aim to change the world. Or it should be the world of transport, warehousing and added value logistics. However, corporate social responsibility is a prerequisite. Keeping in touch with reality, with the needs and aspirations of society, is an enrichment.

About WSC

Individual impact

Weerts Group regularly sends clothing to Africa and cooperates with organisations that work for people with disabilities. WSC invests heavily in the recruitment of young people without work experience and then trains them. At the same time, we give new opportunities to people over 50, whose experience we enjoy putting at the service of young teams.



WSC can have a positive impact on individual lives. The young man or woman who comes to do a first job. The 55-year-old who is facing a new challenge with us. Everything starts with a first step and the guts to take it.

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